KD Designs Home & PRIVATE Parties


Here's some information on hostess benefits, how they work, and some examples of the amazing jewelry you can receive FREE just for hosting!

  • Hostess benefits:
    • Free Charm Necklace  just for booking the party (up to $50 value).
    • $20 in free jewelry for every $100 in sales at your party.  On average customers will receive $60 to $100 or more in additional free jewelry. 
    • It is VERY EASY for hostesses to receive $100-$150 in free jewelry from these two perks!
  • How the home party works:
    • Amy is our home party expert! She will arrive about 30 minutes before the party begins to setup and meet the hostess. 
    • She will go over with your guests the different options for bracelets (memory wire, braided leather, connector), necklaces (silver, brass, brown clasps), and charms (so many to choose from!!)
    • The party is cash and carry meaning all your guests will take home what they purchased that night so there's no ordering and delivery that the hostess has to worry about!
    • Usually parties last around 1-2 hours depending on how many guests are there.